The best way to know us is to know someone we have worked with, but we will put in a bit about us here anyway.


Prabhujot (Prab) Singh –  Country Director - prab.singh@thecollegesource.net

Prab is well versed in Indian and US educational doctrine having grown up in the US, then attending high school in India and graduating higher studies at UCLA in Psychology.  He has been working with students independently since 2002. Prab heads an organization in India that provides life coaching to adolescents and support to their families through the process of deciding their higher education and career goals.  "Vector Performance - Your CollegeSource" assists the student on a rite of passage journey through this turning point in their lives.  Prab carries with him the years of experience in building start up companies, which required a tremendous ability to communicate, empower, develop and grow.  All of these experiences have led him to effectively reach people on a deeper level, help them articulate their goals and then successfully coach them in meeting those goals.  As the owner of this business, he also develops, oversees and constantly improves on the skills of the excellent coaches who work in the various regions of India.  All of the students and families that Vector Performance works with in India have access to Prab and he follows their progress through the primary coach.  Prab chose India because of his own experience in high school in India and has lived in India since 1995.  India has changed dramatically since then and the challenges and opportunities facing this generation are very unique.  Having a good understanding of both the Indian environment and the US experience puts Prab in an ideal place to assist students through this critical part of their lives.


Payal Chitlangia – Counselor for Undergraduate Support- Northeast India - payal.chitlangia@thecollegesource.net


Payal Started working with Vector Performance/The CollegeSource in 2006. After successfully building her own businesses, she sought the opportunity to help other students prepare for their futures. Payal took the unusual path in those days to attend undergraduate school in the US at Grinnell College, a small Liberal Arts college in Iowa. But she also studied and received her degree at London School of Economics, and therefore has the excellent combination of experience in US and UK higher education.

Payal is a natural for counseling, she has a warm personality that immediately develops a strong rapport with the students that she works with, and a passion for development that is contagious.

 Payal lives in Kolkata with her husband and two children.



Geeta Iyer-Guha - Counselor for Undergraduate Support - geeta_iyer-guha@thecollegesource.net

Geeta is a Post Graduate in Commerce and a Chartered Accountant from India, Geeta brings a wealth of experience both from her 25 plus years of diverse Corporate Career, as well her personal experience as a mother of two children who did their high school education in India, and are now pursuing their undergraduate degrees in the US and Singapore.


Geeta recalls how even when preparing for her CA exams, she filled in a teacher’s vacancy in Class XI and XII.  She continued to tutor students throughout her college life. In her Corporate Career, she most certainly enjoyed every challenge she faced, but found that her biggest sense of fulfillment came from guiding and motivating her team members to achieve their personal goals. She has always found herself eager to participate in drawing out a road map for many young professionals and students. Today Geeta feels that her calling lies in counseling and coaching young students and professionals.

At Vector Performance-CollegeSource, Geeta has introduced a Program “Pursue Your Potential - Core”, that is aimed at helping younger students to improve their grades through effective study techniques, smart planning and regular review. Another program “Pursue Your Potential – Bridge” is focused on building a foundation for those students who are focused on going overseas. Geeta also works along with Prab on The CollegeSource Graduate program, working with our past students and new students pursuing graduate school opportunities.

Geeta lives in Bangalore with her husband. Her daughter is studying in Singapore and her son in the US.


Deepa Raman - Counselor for Undergraduate Support - deepa.raman@thecollegesource.net 

Deepa holds a Masters degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. After spending 18 years in the corporate world as a computer chip designer, she decided to  enter the field of College Counseling. Her involvement and experience as a successful career counselor at work motivated her to embark on a career in college counseling. Her personal experience of her older son going through the college admissions process further propelled her interest in this field.

Deepa was very engaged in coaching and teaching activities in the corporate setting and gained extensive experience in teaching both technical and soft skills classes. She gained experience in strength based management techniques as a manager of her team, and helped to build the career of many employees at the work place.

Deepa loves to work with people and is passionate about coaching young adults to maximize their potential.

Deepa lives in Bangalore with her husband and is a proud mother of two boys. Her older son is a freshman at Stanford and the younger son is a 9th grader at TISB.

Dev Guha - Leads our Graduate Admissions Support - devapriya.guha@gmail.com 

Dev graduated from IIT and later IIM, worked in Corporate India for 35 odd years, and started full time counseling with Vector Performance/ The CollegeSource in Jun-17. He is able to relate with young adults who believe that higher education can lead to a better life. He has seen it himself. After working for five years as a factory floor engineer, he quit his job, went to IIM, and jumped on to a completely different life trajectory. 

DG Profile.jpg

Dev believes that trends like Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, the Gig economy, the clamour for specialization, the pressure of continuous learning and re-skilling - these will all continue. He has witnessed it first hand. Apart from working as a process engineer, he has worked in corporate strategy, in banking - corporate lending, retail lending, technology, in sales and marketing for capital market operations, in outsourcing, and in technology alliances. The companies in which he has worked include Brooke Bond, UB Group, ANZ Grindlays, a dot-com (that went bust), HCL and Accenture. He is a firm believer in staying up to date with a wide range of subjects and has mentored graduate students across diverse domains such as business, engineering, medicine, film, and design.

Dev’s hobbies include photography, music, movies, reading, technology, golf and parenting. He considers one on one coaching to be a delightful synthesis of parenting, consulting and continuous learning, and at College Source he has found a way to turn these passions into a profession.