From a student: Why she LOVES the Liberal Arts and Amherst

They say that the liberal arts teach you to think, but I think a good liberal arts college teaches you how to live. However, your follow up question as to what kind of student would benefit from such an education is a pertinent one - I agree this is not for everyone. In fact, there are many here who go through this place not having seen any evidence of what I speak of, and living as they used to before they came here, armed with a major in hand, but not changed by their learning. But if there is any evidence that someone is a lover of thinking and the thoughts of others, and is curious and introspective and passionate about what they do, perhaps they will find themselves happy in a place like this. It is difficult for me to separate the people and the place, and I think it is the former that have caused this experience rather than an institutional structure of any kind. Perhaps I have simply been lucky in the people I know - I am so much happier in the spring than I was in the fall having met the most wonderful people after returning from break - I cannot guarantee that this will be the experience of everyone who goes to a liberal arts school, but I do believe that it is in a school such as this where the kind of person I described above is found in the highest proportion.


I love all of the ZeFrank stuff on YouTube, but this one seemed particularly good to share with some of the students (and parents) that I work with. Enjoy, and then go watch more of his stuff! You can subscribe or watch other ZeFrank stuff here

Amit Goswami on Joe Rogan's Podcast

Tough to sell this one, but thoroughly enjoyed this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. This is almost 2 hours of the stoner, previous host of Fear Factor, Joe Rogan talking to a Quantum Physicist with a thick Indian accent who explains how Quantum Physics explains the spiritual nature of the world and technology of yoga and meditation. Like I said, tough sell, but honestly a fascinating couple hours of listening!!

Here is the YouTube video:

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